New Hampshire HB179 would block state agencies from conducting weather-control experiments

By BEN LEUBSDORF Monitor staff Concord Monitor

Tuesday, January 15, 2013
(Published in print: Wednesday, January 16, 2013)

The state would no longer be able to meddle with the weather if a bill filed at the State House this year becomes law.

A bill introduced by Rep. Stella Tremblay, an Auburn Republican, would repeal a state law enacted in 1985 that allows state agencies to, with permission from the governor and Executive Council, “engage in and undertake experimentation in the techniques and methods for weather modification.”

Controlling the weather isn’t just for science fiction and James Bond villains. Cloud seeding, for example, is a decades-old technique to produce more rain or snow in a given region.

But James Martin, spokesman for the state Department of Environmental Services, said, to the best of his knowledge, the agency isn’t involved in any weather-control experiments. He also said DES employees aren’t aware of other state agencies conducting such activities.

Tremblay didn’t return messages seeking comment.


4 thoughts on “New Hampshire HB179 would block state agencies from conducting weather-control experiments

  1. The NH Dept. of Environmental Services along with ex Governor John Lynch and his council are and have been aware of the aerial spraying in NH skies. I have been relentless in calling and appealing to them to stop these atrocious acts. I have made these calls, as have others, and sent letters for five years. I have begged them to send someone to test our water, soil and air. The state monitors were not providing pollution data or at least not for the public. I have lived my life in a face mask because of severe allergies to these neurotoxins . I asked them to please take a stand and inform NH citizens of what they are spraying. I sent numerous photos with no response. NH air is horrible. I have family on inhalers and medication. I am losing my eyesight just as many others throughout the state are. I have neuropathy and vertigo. I have heart issues from the last heavy spraying in the early 1990’s. I have constant sinus problems. I have been terrified for myself and my family and friends. These acts are crimes against humanity and the environment no matter what some garbled, corporate backed law says. These people have been paid to protect us and have not. It’s time for this state and the nation to hold them and all involved accountable. These chemicals have no borders.

  2. We all need to make our voices be heard and stop the spraying of or world.Keep up the fight and I hope you families health gets better.

    • There is a lot more to this. It’s not just weather manipulation. It’s toxic waste and it’s deadly. They may not be able to stop who is doing it but they could have and can warn the people so they could take a stand against it and maybe try to protect themselves in some way. I have appealed to these people over and over as have many others. People have lost their lives. Accountability should be on the agenda!. Thank You Steve.

      • Most of what is being sprayed is done by our government. Starting back in the 60’s the air force was trying to control/ manipulate the weather. It was called project cloverleaf. No one has stopped the government all the way up through today. Many people just want to believe it is not happening.

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