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Mick West 1 month ago
Yeah, it’s natural. Clayden’s Cloud Studies, from 1905 has photos of all those type of clouds (except contrails, of course). You can read it on archive dot org

MrMaxBliss 1 month ago
Is this the Mick West of Disinfo Contrails science….anyone figured out why such a site should exist???
Looking at our independent lab results from rain samples and the sheer diabolical activity in the sky…anyone spending so much time and money has to be an agent. Why not decide not to have the blood of thousands all ready killed in modified weather warfare on your HANDS Mick??? Or are you a psychopath too? Weather warfare is here until people wake up & stop it, by helping them YOUR GUILTY
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New Hampshire HB179 would block state agencies from conducting weather-control experiments

By BEN LEUBSDORF Monitor staff Concord Monitor

Tuesday, January 15, 2013
(Published in print: Wednesday, January 16, 2013)

The state would no longer be able to meddle with the weather if a bill filed at the State House this year becomes law.

A bill introduced by Rep. Stella Tremblay, an Auburn Republican, would repeal a state law enacted in 1985 that allows state agencies to, with permission from the governor and Executive Council, “engage in and undertake experimentation in the techniques and methods for weather modification.”

Controlling the weather isn’t just for science fiction and James Bond villains. Cloud seeding, for example, is a decades-old technique to produce more rain or snow in a given region.

But James Martin, spokesman for the state Department of Environmental Services, said, to the best of his knowledge, the agency isn’t involved in any weather-control experiments. He also said DES employees aren’t aware of other state agencies conducting such activities.

Tremblay didn’t return messages seeking comment.


El “Proyecto Popeye” suposo la punta de lanza de la implementación, por parte de la Armada Norteamericana, de prácticas de modificación del Clima con fines militares. Y lo fue en el conflicto bélico con Vietnam del Norte.

Este proyecto partió como una programa piloto en 1.966, siendo su objetivo, en términos climatológicos, el prolongar la época del monzón del sudeste asiático con el fin de afectar, en términos militares, el eje principal de comunicaciones terrestres del enemigo vietnamita (el “Ho Chi Minh Trail“).

Para ello se utilizó, principalmente, la técnica de “cloud seeding” o “sembrado de nubes” mediante Ioduro de Plata, un “conocido” en este blog. Este componente químico se vertió, a nivel atmosférico, sobre Laos (neutral en el conflicto), Camboya (neutral en el conflicto), Vietnam del Norte (el enemigo) y Vietnam del sur (el aliado).

Entre 1.996 y 1.972, se realizaron 2.600 vuelos -aviones Douglas A-1E, C-130…

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